First Annual Community Bike Ride Up Hyalite Canyon

Where: Hyalite Canyon Road, starting at the locked gate at the bottom of Hyalite Canyon up to the Dam at Hyalite Reservoir (road conditions permitting) or as far up before then that you care to ride. The road has been plowed in preparation for opening and warm temps will help as well.

When: Sunday May 15th. This is the day before the Gallatin National Forest will open the road to motor vehicle traffic. Starting time is 1:00 P.M.

Cost: There is no cost associated with the Community Bike Ride up Hyalite Canyon. Just participating will add your voice to those supporting the development of safe bike and pedestrian trails in our community. Donations welcome as described above.

Parking: It is anticipated that most participants will drive to the gate area for the start of this event. While there is a fair amount of available parking there, we would encourage car pooling when possible. Volunteer parking attendants will direct you where to park in the gate area. Please note: There is little or no shoulder most of the way along 19th leading up to Hyalite Canyon Road. Only highly skilled, experienced riders with adequate reflective clothing should consider pedaling to the event.

Registration: Please register at the link below if you plan to participate as a rider in this year's Community Bike Ride up Hyalite Canyon. This year's ride will be our first trial run for what hopefully will be a future annual event for Bozeman.

What You Need: All registered riders will be required to sign a waiver prior to the ride. You will also be required to be wearing a bicycle helmet during the ride and and have a bicycle that is in good working order (brakes, steering, tires, and tire inflation). A bicycle safety check station in the gate area will be hosted by the Bike Peddler. They can help you if if some last minute adjustments are needed but please take care to check out your bicycle beforehand. Beyond that, the normal outdoor supplies of water, snack food, some extra warmer clothing, possibly a light weight raincoat, and hopefully sun screen, are recommended.

Road and Weather Conditions: Hopefully, we are past most of this year's Spring snows and will see some, warm sunny days ahead to melt snow and ice off the Hyalite Road. The road has recently been plowed so it should be clear. This ride could also be canceled in the event of any extreme weather event, such as thunder and lightning storms, that would create hazardous conditions for riders.

Other Details: Please remember, this event is a leisurely, community bike ride, not a bike race. Riders still need to follow some common sense rules of the road. All riders must stay on the right side of the road. There will be riders coming the other direction, either as part of this ride or other recreational bicyclists that are not part of the ride. Please, do not race downhill. For inexperienced riders, the gradient down Hyalite Road can result in a surprisingly fast decent. Be sure your brakes are in good working condition and you know how to brake correctly using the back brake first.

Sponsors/Supporters of this Event:

Collin's Coalition
Gallatin Valley Land Trust
Hopa Mountain, Inc.
Bozeman Area Bicycle Advisory Board
Bike Peddler
Ridge Athletic Club
Bozeman Bike Kitchen
Chalet Sports
Roundhouse Ski and Sports Center
Leaf and Bean Coffee House
Insty Prints

Collin's Coalition 6th Annual Bike Ride at the Ridge

Saturday, April 11th, 2015
9:00 A.M.

Tour Leader:
Jen White

Ridge Athletic Club
4181 Fallon Ave. Bozeman, MT

How you can help:
Individuals: Participate! Ride a Bike during the event or share a bike with friends.

Businesses: Sponsor one or bikes @ $100 per bike.

Make a donation: whether you ride or not, it all helps.

Donations can be made at the event or by mail to:
Collin's Coalition of Hopa Mountain
234 E. Babcock, Suite E Bozeman, MT 79715

Or via Paypal on the Donate page.

100% Matching funds available for the first $5,000 in donations.

Bikes are limited! Reserve yours today!

email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to sign up.