Thoughts from Collin's Family

The bridge across deep pain
was spanned with treasured memories,
shared pictures, kind words
and gentle hugs.

The foundation of our lives withstood
great shock with comforting food,
beautiful music, lovely flowers,
and a bushel of cards.

The path through the dark woods
has been made bearable by love,
friendship and compassion.

And the road ahead will be built
on donations, good deeds,
and shared expertise.

Collin, the young engineer,
would be amazed by all your support.
May he continue to inspire us.

Thank you one and all.
~Mary, Tom, Russell, and Dot


Other ways to honor Collin:
Take a small bouquet of flowers to an elderly person you know or to someone who doesn’t have anyone.
Make a donation to your local food bank, or send a donation to the hungry of the world.
Go to Collin’s List on the website: and do something that speaks to you. There, you will also get some insight into Collin’s thoughtfulness and his desire to make the world around him a better place.
Be kind to a stranger who may desperately need it. All acts of kindness and compassion carry great power.